Five Jersey Care Tips Every Football Fan Must Know!

Alright! So you've gotten the jersey(s) of your favorite club and you can't wait to wear it everywhere, every day!

We share your excitement and can definitely relate with the feeling when you wear your jersey with pride whenever you step out (especially when your team is doing well on the league table *hehe*)

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But we need to make sure you take care of your favorite jersey the RIGHT way - so here are 5 tips that we know would come in handy when washing your jersey. Ensure you read to the end for all the key details and always come back to these tips when its time to wash:  

Tip 1: Always wash your jerseys "inside out".

This reduces the risk of your crest badges & logos falling off or peeling too soon. 

Tip 2: Always wash your jerseys with like colors. If possible we strongly suggest you wash your jerseys ONLY and separate from other clothes.

Short story: Tope washed his Real Madrid Home jersey (which is primarily white) with his dark green cardigan. The jersey came out looking like a Sassuolo jersey (you can google the Italian club to see what their jersey looks like) when he was done washing and he was in serious tears cause the jersey was ruined.

***Moral of the story -  DON'T BE LIKE TOPE IN THIS STORY.  

Tip 3: Always wash your jerseys with warm water. 

Hot water would cause your jersey to fade and the seams to start coming off.

Tip 4: Use "gentle wash" if you're using a washing machine or wash gently if washing with your hands. 

This would also reduce risk of the letterings or badges falling off or peeling.

Tip 5: Don't squeeze to rinse your jersey! NEVER do it! Always spread out, preferably on a hangar & let it dry.

 Once you squeeze the jersey, you damage the letterings & badges.

Bonus Tip: This is probably the most important tip. Use detergent that does not contain bleaching ingredients. You can use bar soap as well if you prefer to handwash. Don't use too much detergent as well.  

Double Bonus Tip: Never iron your jersey.. the wrinkles would straighten out as you wear it. If you must iron it (which we strongly do not recommend) - place a cloth on top of the iron and iron the jersey through it. This allows the cloth take most of the heat from the iron instead of your jersey.

**Note: If you got a Vapor jersey (Player's Edition) - pay close attention to all these tips cause the letterings and badges on these type of jersey are more fragile because the fabric used by the kit makers.

Word of advice: Jerseys are like women - you have to always treat them right! If you don't treat them right, they will abandon you.

Now you know the important tips to make your jerseys last for a long time. If you wanna buy your first jersey or get another one, click here. 

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Depending on how often you wear & wash your jersey - the optimal time for one is 9 months.. after that we should be hearing from you to get the next set.

So see you soon :D




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