How will I know my size or that of a friend or family?

Our regular jerseys and clothing items are typically sized the same as regular t-shirts.

Please note that Authentic jerseys are tight fit body-hug jerseys and we advise you get a size bigger if one has a protruding belly. 

For the ladies - Our female jerseys are sized the same as regular blouse tops and have hip cuts. However, they are a size smaller than the regular jerseys.

If you’re unsure of your jersey size, try a regular t-shirt and see how it fits and use that information to place your order. 

Kiddies jerseys come in age ranges and are also accurate to the size parents usually shop for them. For example: if a child wears clothes in the range of 9-10 but is younger or older than that age range, The parent should order the jersey in same 9- 10 age range. 

**Only kiddies jerseys come with shorts.

Please check our size guide here for more details.